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 Concrete Cutting Blades / Grove Cutting Blades / Diamond Blades

We have developed fast cutting & long life blades for green concrete. The main thrust is on quick initial cutting. Which reduces risk of cracks due to late cutting in PQC.
Concrete Cutting Blades
Different blades for various applications.green
concrete, cured concrete,asphalt or dbm cutting

The sizes available are 3.2 mm to 3.6 mm 
Thick dia 300 / 350 / 400 mm. to 18mm thick
in 2000mm dia.
Cured concrete cutting:
The sizes available are 3.5mm to 12 mm
thick. Dia 300 to 2000 mm.
Used for widening of grove / concrete full
depth cutting of pavements..

Asphalt cutting Blades:
popularly used for cutting asphalt roads,
trimming sides / joints.


2000mm dia blade to cut 700mm depth of concrete.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, the technical contents are subject to change without any notice.
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