Compressible Debonding Strips, Paper Backed Compressible Debonding Strips, India

Compressible Debonding Strips With Paper Back For Hot And Cold Pour Sealants

Uses :
As a filler material in joints provided beneath the seleant to impart shape & optimize the seleant quantity, increase the bonding area of seleant to adhesing side surface.

Advantages :
1) Fuel / Solvent / Water / All Weather Resistant.
2) Excellent movement accomodations
3) Provides support & shapes to sealants : There by increasing contact area.
Technical Compliance :
Description :
These are microcellular closed cell P.E.Foam profiles being manufactured in two grades.
1) High density - Paper back debonding tapes.
2) Extruded profiles in Round / Square / Rectangles.
Design Criteria :
These compressible debonding strips are designed to meet all modern requirements & to overcome problems of old conventional system.
These back-up material are designed to impart shape & Optimise the seleant quantity.
The basic chemical composition is PE blending & foaming to achive Excellent chemical Resistance, Movement acommodation, Shock resistance, Fuel / Solvent Resistance, Weatherability, Non-adhesion Debonding property to seleants.
To accommodate various grove sizes the back-up rod are Standardized in following size :

Technical Specifications for full range of our products :
20 + 5
100 + 10 Kg./ M.3
6 mm. to 1000 mm.
1.5 mm. to 50 mm.
1m, 2m, 10m
  • Compressible debonding strips with paper back these are -100 Kg / m3 density strips one side is fixed with special grade silicone paper to increase temperature stability. use for hot / cold pour sealants.
Recommandations in road joints Groove sizes Debonding Strips size
Longitudinal joints 8 + 2 mm. X 25 mm. 8 mm. X 2 mm.
Transverse / Contraction joints 10 + 2 mm. X 25 mm. 12 mm. X 5 mm.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, the technical contents are subject to change without any notice.
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